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Twangoo.com is a high-end flash sales website offering exciting new city experiences (URBAN) and unique travel experiences (ESCAPADES). 


Twangoo.com is a new way to discover your city and discover the world. 


Twangoo’s philosophy is very simple: 

Discover the world... 

Twangoo is synonymous with quality. Our twangoo representatives handpick top-rated business partners in your city and across the world so you always feel comfortable when venturing out and trying something new. 

… at an irresistible price… 

For each business partner that we decide to feature on twangoo, we will negotiate a unique and exclusive offer for our members so they can take it and enjoy a great new experience... 

… and with a great service. 

Once an offer is activated you receive your twangoo voucher. Just print it and you can use it at your convenience. Any questions, just send us an email at support and we will reply fast! 


Twangoo is positioning itself at as a lifestyle and luxury platform, for someone who wants to be a smart spender as well as “in the know” i.e. a true insider of the best places to go in his/her city as well as the best hotels and resorts in the world.


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