Twangoo for businesses

Twangoo brings collective buying power to the next level.

With Twangoo, customers get great value and businesses a record new stream of clients and brand awareness.


1. Hundreds or thousands of new customers overnight at your fingertips

Every day, a new Twangoo is offered to our subscribers on In just a few clicks, our subscribers can buy the Twangoo and become your clients. Once enough subscribers have bought the Twangoo, the deal is on.

In just 24 hours, you capture a guaranteed minimum number of new customers and better customers, securing a steady stream of business for months ahead as customers redeem their Twangoos and keep coming back.


2. Best bang for your buck is also an amazing marketing tool allowing you to reach people you normally don’t. No other program creates this brand awareness.

Our subscribers are the largest and most desirable target audience.

We only feature the best the city has to offer, so our thousands of subscribers are eager to see our daily offers even if they do not necessarily buy every day, bringing your brand awareness to the next level.

Usually, with traditional advertising, that kind of exposure costs thousands of dollars, you need to pay up-front and hope for new customers. With, you get it for free, new customers are guaranteed and results immediate.


3. Nothing to lose, everything to gain is very easy to use and risk free. You don’t need to pay us anything. We just need to agree on the terms of the Twangoo and you can leave the rest to us.  We will mail you a cheque the day after the Twangoos are sold. We take a portion of each Twangoo sold. We win if you win.


How does this work?

During our meeting, we define the terms of the Twangoo according to your needs and you can leave the rest to us.

Our editorial team will work on one of our signature write-ups so your brand will pop-up on the day the Twangoo is featured and thousands of our subscribers will wake up anxious to see the new offer in their inbox, or on, and spread the news through Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

They are just a few clicks away from buying the Twangoos. Once the minimum number of buyers is reached, the deal is on. Otherwise the deal is cancelled and they are not charged.

The day after the deal, your new customers receive the Twangoo and we mail you a cheque and an easy to use list so you can track new customers as they redeem their Twangoos.

We make it easy!


Who are our subscribers?

Our clients are young professionals and inner-city dwellers who go out 2-3 times per week.

The majority are women and are avid users of social media who spread the word of new Twangoos using blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

They are the largest and most desirable target audience and one of the hardest to reach with traditional advertising.

They subscribe to because we only feature the best the city has to offer. is a trusted savvy guide offering great new experiences and a new way to enjoy the city!


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